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    Evidence-based and Person-Centred Digital Therapeutics for Pain

  • What we're making

    We know Pain Management is hard. We're here to help.


    Informed Design

    Made for people in Pain

    The real experts on pain are the people that live with it everyday. We've used their stories as the basis of designing the interactions and experience of our products.



    Help in your Hands

    Even if you see a Physical Therapist for 2 hours a week, you've still got 166 hours you're disconnected, fearful and unsure about your pain. We're supporting your recovery outside the clinic.



    Bridging the Gap

    We've designed our program to bring together the art and the science of pain treatment. It helps you work more effectively with your PT and Doctor, and can support your independant recovery.

  • Treating pain means understanding people

    We're designing your pain treatment program by understanding your life and experiences.

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  • Does Pain affect you?

    We know pain touches many lives, and treatment options seem limited.

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